Not a Word of a Lie
CD 12 recitations

A collection of Dave's riotously funny recitations about everything from picking berries to playing cards; whether he's celebrating the staying power of a turr or the prowess of his snowmobile, he's proof that the art of writing recitations is alive and well in Newfoundland.

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The Christmas Turr
book, audio

The story of a bird that somehow had found its way onto a plane from Newfoundland that was headed to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Dave Paddon’s hilarious recitation offers a take on what kind of welcome that bird may have met when the plane landed.

Not a Word of a Lie
book, audio

An original recitation, but this time he has turned his quirky sense of humour to two brothers who set out to sea to get some fish for supper. On their travels they meet a giant squid, some pirates, Danny Williams and more!

the 12
book, audio

Dave Paddon celebrates the greatest invention that ever was made in this riotously funny recitation. It’s a paean to a snowmobile, unlike any you’ll have heard before.  Unless, that is, you’ve caught one of Dave’s wonderful performances, with his typical élan, of this fabulous piece.

book, audio

Dave Paddon’s new recitation starts out mildly enough, but soon there’s an all-out berry-picking war, and utter mayhem results.  It seems that not even the intervention of our hapless narrator can set things to right.

The Card Game

Dedicated to all those who were at university in, say, the 60s or 70s and who were minoring in folklore and majoring in, shall we say…pharmacology?


Based on my wife’s grandmother. At 90-odd she still looks after half of Eastport and should probably be reporting her bingo income to Revenue Canada.


The fog gets pretty thick in Placentia Bay but it gets even thicker in Trepassy. According to a friend of mine one young fellow from there never even saw his mother till he was 9! And he was breast-fed!


I’ve been flying airplanes all my adult life. If you’re a nervous flyer don’t worry, hardly any of this stuff ever happens.


My elegant solution to the doctor shortage in rural Canada. The surgical techniques discussed were all peer-reviewed by my buddy who was cleaning a moose one day.


Dedicated to Phonse Kavanagh, who is golden retreiver-ish and one of the finest people I know.


Based on the 2011 St. John’s Folk Festival and dedicated to all the volunteers who were there and who are always there, making it possible for people like me to get up and prate.

The Christmas Turr, Pt. 2

Before he went to Fort Mac (and after he came back) the Turr had/has a regular gig. All the flying is at night and so he doesn’t get shot at as much. (Black Guilemot?! Some chance now!)

Man Cold

Everyone knows that the male cold virus is a lot more vicious than the female one!

Bingo Bear vs Supernan

My wife's grandmother takes on a polar bear in the game of extreme bingo!

Christmas Flight

A bush pilot gets into some bad weather trying to deliver toys to a remote community in time for Christmas.

Dirty Job

I used to clean out septic tanks for a living. So flying airplanes is definitely NOT the worst job I've ever had!

Old Lydia Campbell

A Christmas story from 19th century Labrador.

Ralph:Flying Hound

Dog bites helicopter. This actually happened to a friend of mine.

The Card Game

Extreme cards in a Newfoundland outport leaves the writer traumatized for life!

Thought for your Penny

A friend needs some help with his love life and technology comes to the rescue.


Our two heros decide to put a tunnel across the Strait of Belle Isle....or two.

Half the lies you tell are not true!

 My latest book from Running the goat books and broadsides. It's a collection of 13 of my recitations, some old, some new. 

 Available at


Not a word of a lie too (alTURRnative facts)

 My second CD. 12 more recitations including the re-appearance of Supernan in an ultimate bingo smackdown with a polar bear. Also, thoughts on cleaning out septic tanks (I am qualified to speak) and also on why men suffer from colds way worse than women do (there's a good reason, don't laugh ladies). Also includes my first true recitation although it comes under the heading of "stranger than fiction". My friend Greg Baikie really did have a dog hitchhiking on the outside of his helicopter one day. The dog's name may or may not have been Ralph.

 Available at O'Brien's and Fred's in St.John's or I can send you one in the mail for 20 bucks plus postage. Also available on iTunes and CDBaby.

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The 12
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