CBC - The Poet Pilot

You can't turn around in Newfoundland without running into someone who's writing a book, recording a song, or putting paint to canvas.

But even by local standards, Dave Paddon is a bit unusual. He's a tall, lean man who wears his silver hair closely cropped. He's the kind of man who looks good in a uniform.

Dave Paddon is a senior pilot with Air Canada.

He spent 20 years based in big cities in mainland Canada, but the lure of Newfoundland and Labrador pulled him back a few years ago. And when Dave Paddon moved home, he started taking people on his own flights of fancy.

Dave Paddon is a writer and performer of recitations.

In Newfoundland, a recitation can be best described as an epic poem of local proportions. You take events from everyday life -stretch them into tall tales - and deliver your story with all you've got to your audience.

So fasten your seatbelts and put your chairs in the upright position - Producer Heather Barrett is about to introduce you to Dave Paddon - The Poet Pilot. (click for interview)
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