Thus starts my blog I suppose!

First I have to say how grateful I am to Lynda Granlein for doing the website. She is very, very good at it and I highly recommend her.

I will post to this blog occassionally and mainly when I have an event coming up.

April 24th I will be doing a fundraiser for The Hard of Hearing at the Geocentre in St.John's. Kevin Blackmore and I will be doing a skit and then we will do a piece each. Lots of other talent there and it should be a fun evening. Hope to see you there and full details are available through the link on my homepage.

Clear your calendar for June 13th! Harry Ingram, Hubert Furey, Dave Penny and me will be at the LSPU Hall in St.John's for an all recitation event. We sold out last year and got a standing ovation! What a great evening and we hope for a repeat this June. Full info at the Resource Centre for the Arts website.

We will be at Tales, Trails and Tunes in May/14. This is one of the best festivals anywhere and I have been asked to do something on the main stage for the closing ceremony so I certainly will. Shirley Montague (who I grew up with in Labrador) gave me my first stage opportunity at TTT and I will always be grateful for that!

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