Cd launch!

We launched the CD at the Crowsnest last night in St.John's. What a time! The place was packed and I had a wonderful crew to help me out. Hubert Furey and Harry Ingram had the audience captivated with their wonderful recitations. Paul Dean and Bev Kane were spot on with their contributions. The music was supplied by none other than Emilia Bartellas, Aaron Collis and Duane Andrews. They are all fantastic musicians and I was extremely lucky to get them. 

 The atmosphere was warm and the audience was receptive. It's one thing for performers to do their stuff well but there is also an art to listening. Audiences here know how to do it and the circuit between them and the performers is completed and something created in it's own right, I think.

 All in all a grand evening and I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to all who came!

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