Hi everyone! Just got back from a week in Edinburgh with Kimmy. What a wonderful place. Music and poetry all over the place and a dedicated venue for storytelling right down town! The Scottish Storytelling Centre is right on the Royal Mile and has regular meetings like we do at the Crowsnest in St.John's. I got to do "Doctoring" there and the crowd seemed to enjoy although maybe they didn't get all the references. I hope to go back sometime or maybe invite some of the storytellers I met to St.John's.

 It's a busy summer. I go to sea for 10 days on June 19th and will be telling stories and driving a zodiac for Adventure Canada. Looking forward to my third trip with them as a resource staffer.

 On July 16th I will be appearing at the English Harbour Arts Centre along with Dave Penney, Hubert Furey and Harry Ingram for a night of recitations and serious foolishness! Check The English Harbour website for details.

On August 5th I will be on the main stage for the St.John's Folk Festival as well as in one of the tents (I think). Hope to see you there!

Have a good summer everyone!

Stage to Stage 4!

Hello all!

On Tuesday May 8 at 8pm I will be joining Hubert Furey, Harry Ingram and Dave Penny for another show at the LSPU Hall. The Hall is my favourite venue and all of us a certainly looking forward to our 4th summer show there, even if it isn't quite summer yet! We're about a month early due to commitments I have in June.

 All of us have new material but of course there will be some old favourites as well. Hope to see you there!

In the schools!

 I recently found out that two of my recitations have been selected by the Department of Education as part of it's "cultural curriculum" program and will be kept in school libraries throughout the province. "The Christmas Turr" and "The 12" will be in chapbook form as published by Marnie Parsons at Running the Goat Books and Broadsides. This is a huge honour and I am very grateful to Marnie for approaching the department and for all her hard work.

Stage to Stage

Just wanted to let everyone know that in addition to solo performances I am also part of a four man recitation group. Harry Ingram, Hubert Furey and Dave Penny also write their own material and from time to time we give performances under the group name "Stage to Stage". The reference is from fishing stages to the performance stage and we can be seen at various venues including the famous LSPU Hall in St.John's.

 I have included a picture of our group CD which is available in St.John's at Fred's Record's, O'Brien's music store and also at Costco. The CD contains 3 recitations from each of us for a total of 12 and I think you'll enjoy it. We are working on a Christmas CD which will hopefully be out in time for next December.

New book!

My wonderful publisher, Marnie Parsons, recently decided that "Ralph:Flying Hound" would make a good children's book. I thought it was a great idea and the result is that the story will be published sometime in 2016 as a regular format illustrated hardcover. She usually puts my stories in handmade chapbooks but the hardcover is more approprate for what she has in mind.

 I am delighted with this turn of events as you can imagine and can't wait to see the finished product. Marnie has engaged a young woman in Ontario to do the illustrations and I have seen some preliminary samples. fantastic!

Stay tuned!

Beachy Cove Elementary

These are the kids from Beachy Cove Elementary. I did a show for them on January 15 2016. They were full of questions and I had a lot of fun!

Christmas 2015

A couple of things to tell you.

Our Christmas show is coming up on December 21st at the LSPU Hall in St.John's. We all have new material and it should be a grand evening. Matthew Byrne will join us again and that brings me to the second thing.

Matthew has recorded a song based on my recitation "Christmas Flight" it is on his new Christmas EP "Sing through the earth and skies" and you might want to check it out via electronic download or by buying the CD at Fred's, O'Brien's and other fine outlets. Thanks Matthew!

A third thing. I now have 20 recitations available for download on CDBaby and soon Itunes as well as other sites. The well hasn't gone dry yet!!

Off to !reland!

 I'm off to Ireland with Kimmy for "The Bard of Amagh" festival of humorous verse in Amagh, Northern Ireland!

 Got selected as a finalist for "Doctoring" but it's too long so I have to read "The Christmas Turr". Whatever, I mainly want to go and swap stuff over a pint in a pub. I dare say there will be a bit of that!

Cd launch!

We launched the CD at the Crowsnest last night in St.John's. What a time! The place was packed and I had a wonderful crew to help me out. Hubert Furey and Harry Ingram had the audience captivated with their wonderful recitations. Paul Dean and Bev Kane were spot on with their contributions. The music was supplied by none other than Emilia Bartellas, Aaron Collis and Duane Andrews. They are all fantastic musicians and I was extremely lucky to get them. 

 The atmosphere was warm and the audience was receptive. It's one thing for performers to do their stuff well but there is also an art to listening. Audiences here know how to do it and the circuit between them and the performers is completed and something created in it's own right, I think.

 All in all a grand evening and I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to all who came!


Thus starts my blog I suppose!

First I have to say how grateful I am to Lynda Granlein for doing the website. She is very, very good at it and I highly recommend her.

I will post to this blog occassionally and mainly when I have an event coming up.

April 24th I will be doing a fundraiser for The Hard of Hearing at the Geocentre in St.John's. Kevin Blackmore and I will be doing a skit and then we will do a piece each. Lots of other talent there and it should be a fun evening. Hope to see you there and full details are available through the link on my homepage.

Clear your calendar for June 13th! Harry Ingram, Hubert Furey, Dave Penny and me will be at the LSPU Hall in St.John's for an all recitation event. We sold out last year and got a standing ovation! What a great evening and we hope for a repeat this June. Full info at the Resource Centre for the Arts website.

We will be at Tales, Trails and Tunes in May/14. This is one of the best festivals anywhere and I have been asked to do something on the main stage for the closing ceremony so I certainly will. Shirley Montague (who I grew up with in Labrador) gave me my first stage opportunity at TTT and I will always be grateful for that!

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