of Dave Paddon (Storyteller)

Dave Paddon is a retired airline pilot originally from North West River, Labrador. He now lives in St.John's Newfoundland with his wife Kim.

 Dave began writing recitations in 2007 after moving back to to his home province following 20 years away "up in Canada". So far he has written 30 and hopes the well doesn't go dry for a while yet! The first five are available in handmade chapbooks from Most are available for download from Itunes and other sites. His other two books "Ralph:Flying Hound" and "Half the lies you tell are not true" are also available online. He has two CDs
"Not a word of a lie" and "Not a word of a lie too" available for order.

 Dave also has a YouTube channel where you can listen to his recitation and subscribe so you don't miss new ones. Just search YouTube for David Paddon. If you like them you can download them at iTunes or CDBaby.

 If you would like to order a book or CD just email me at

Dave performs at various pubs in St.John's and can also be seen at festivals and fundraisers throughout the year.

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