I now have a YouTube channel! Go to YouTube and search under David Paddon (a search for Dave Paddon will give you some of my other stuff). I will eventually have all my recitations on the channel and if you subscribe you'll know when new ones are added. Of course if you'd like to own any of them you can download them from iTunes and CDBaby or I can send you a CD if you leave me your address details on the contact page.

I am delighted to announce the release of my latest book "Half the lies you tell are not true"! It's a collection of 13 of my recitations with illustrations by the amazing Duncan Major and you can order it from runningthegoat.com or from Chapters or Amazon.

 The world of Dave Paddon’s recitations is quirky, riotously funny, and utterly unique; a place of tall tales and plain foolishness, where fog is so thick you can use it for cannonballs, and a polar bear hijacks a bingo tournament. Berry pickers turn combatants and the result is a bay full of jam; a local handyman turns doctor and uses the spare parts in his shed to patch up his neighbours.

Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True brings together thirteen recitations long loved by Paddon’s many local fans. Great for older kids and grown-ups alike, this is a wonderful cross-over book. Paddon has been called Newfoundland and Labrador’s Robert Service, and for good reason. His recitations are non-stop fun, fully engaging the verve and tang of the province’s rich language. (The book has a glossary at the back for those from up-along.) These were written to be recited, and readers will surely find themselves reading aloud to family and friends.

Duncan Major’s illustrations capture the energy and wit of the recitations. While this is Major’s first trade publication, he and Paddon have collaborated on several letterpress chapbooks featuring Paddon’s recitations and Major’s artwork; they are a perfect pairing.

Recitations included: "The Fog", "Doctoring", "Dirty Job", "Flying", "Vessels", "Tunnel", "Berries", "Supernan", "Bingo Bear vs Supernan", "Man Cold", "The Weather in Town", "Hockey Night in Labrador", and "Man of La Manche".


(Rather than put event updates on this page I will now put them on the "events" page. So please check it out for the latest.)


More great news! My recitation "Ralph: Flying Hound" has been selected by the TD Kids Summer Reading Club as one of their top 10 picks for 2017 and will be featured in about 2000 public libraries across Canada this summer. (The story was published as a children's book in 2016 and can be ordered online through Amazon.com.) The idea is to keep kids reading over the summer and Ralph was chosen from a list of 100+ books. Pretty neat eh?

Here's the link to the announcement



I am delighted to announce the release of my second album entitled "Not a word of a lie too! (Alturrnative facts)". 12 new tracks are available for electronic download on ITunes, CDbaby and other sites. Ultimate bingo smackdowns, dog bites helicopter stories, tips on the finer points of septic tank maintenance. It's all on the new album. A CD will be released soon. (I'm getting them printed shortly.) If you liked the first album you like this one too I'm pretty sure.  The recitation seems to be making a great comeback and I'm some glad to be a part of it!

STOP the PRESS!  Just took delivery of the CDs. If you want one then I can send it Canada Post. Just email me at paddondf@gmail.com and I'll get one in the mail. $20 plus $2 for postage.


 It's official! My new book "Ralph:Flying Hound" will be featured at the official launch of the 2016 St.John's Storytelling Festival on October 11th/2016. I will be joined by Andy Jones who will be launching his latest children's book "Jack and the Green Man". So come on out to the Rocket Room and join us!

Some more great news. "Not a word of a Lie", my second published recitation has been re-printed and is now available. You can order it or "Ralph" from runningthegoat.com

I had some wonderful news recently about one of my recitations called "Ralph:Flying Hound". It's a true story of something that happened to a friend of mine back in the 1980s. Greg was (still is) a helicopter pilot in Labrador and had a funny day at the office! You can hear the details if you download the recitation. 

 My publisher, Marnie Parsons of Running the Goat Books and Broadsides, thought "Ralph" would make a good illustrated children's story, quite a surprise to me but it didn't take me long to jump on board. Well evidently she is not alone in her opinion. The book has been reviewed in Kirkus magazine and the verdict is very positive! To take a look go to kirkus.com and search for paddon. 

 The book will be released on October 11th 2016 in St.John's and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon as well as local booksellers.



At the left you will find a new link to a podcast of an interview I did with Dale Jarvis. Dale is a collector of all things to do with cultural heritage and we spent a wonderful 30 minutes discussing my family history in Labrador as well as talking about my recitations. I concluded with "The 12" and I want to thank Dale for the opportunity. It was very much appreciated.


Book 5!  I am very pleased to announce the release of my fifth chapbook from Marnie Parsons at Running the Goat Press. "The Card Game" was launched September 25th at The Watershed in Petty Harbour. It was a very enjoyable evening with a lively audience and a game of 120s on the go with some local sharks. The books are available at runningthegoat.com


Dave Paddon (AKA The Poet Pilot, Snoop Doggy Doggerel) writes and performs traditional Newfoundland recitations. He grew up in Northwest River, Labrador and spent a good deal of his feckless youth listening to Trapper's songs and verse in various cabins and kitchens in central Labrador. After twenty years up in Canada he gratefully moved home in 2004 and lives in St.John's with his wife Kim, occasionally venturing back upalong to ply his trade as an airline pilot. The Poet Pilot - Dave Paddon Newfoundland Recitations

Dave's published poems are available through Running The Goat Press and his recitations are available on CDbaby, iTunes and Amazon.com.


Be sure to see the beautiful and insightful 10-minute documentary video Spinnin Yarns on Youtube featuring Dave along with storytelling icon Kelly Russell and the super talented songwriter/storyteller Dave Penny. Spinnin Yarns is an exemplary film of a few St. John's storytellers explaining their thoughts about the resurgence of traditional Newfoundland storytelling, and set amid the epic breathtaking scenes of St. John's. 







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